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Laia i Marc

The Diferent Restaurant was conceived from the passion of its chef and owner Marc Caner alongside his wife Elisabet, for the idea of creating a new and different concept in Begur.

The Diferent is run by siblings Marc and Laia, the fourth generation of the Caners, a family fully devoted to cuisine. Brought up among the hobs, Laia is now in charge of the dining room and the sommelier and together with Marc, they make the special feel of the Diferent happen. They have both had professional careers and experience at the highest level, as they have been on the teams of prestige restaurants such as the Casamar, Tickets, 41º and even the Bulli.

This generation offers artistic cuisine, which combines modernity, creativity and the latest technologies to that we can share new and different experiences to delight our palates.

One of the Diferent Restaurant’s most important and non-negotiable values is that of creating these culinary experiences using top-quality local produce.

At a young age, Marc Caner is a businessman with broad experience in cuisine. Apart from having worked in renowned restaurants of the region, he comes from a family with a long culinary tradition.”

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